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  Fly Ash Products  

Hira has an automated bricks plant which is the biggest bricks plant in India, Producing 250,000 Bricks per day. The material is checked at each and every stage of process. This ensures a standard quality continuously by maintaining the ISI standards and norms.

Bricks are produced by utilizing 300 tons of fly-ash per day (which is generated from the capacitive thermal plant and hence played key role for reducing pollution.

Fly ash brick is an eco-friendly substitute for a conventional red clay bricks.

Advantages over Red clay Bricks:

  • Higher Compressive strength
  • Higher density
  • Higher dimensional tolerances
  • Regular size
  • Heat Resistance
  • Lower cement consumption
  • Lower water absorption


  • Size :190*90*90mm
  • 230*110*75mm
  • Hira also customize the size as per requirements


Products Capacity Respective Manufacturing Unit
Fly Ash Bricks 3,33,000 TPA HFAL



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