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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all are partners, employees and customers for their support in helping Hira Group cherish years of success. On behalf of the Board, I sincerely thank all our investors and stake-holders for their unconditional support and commitment. We have only been able to deliver excellence and improved performance with the support of the contributors backing Hira Group.
I believe that the coming decade also brings new optimism and an improved platform for the Group, giving me the confidence that we will achieve each of our future plans successfully. We must ensure that we remain vigilant to threats until our economy stabilizes.
Our group’s business model is evolving, where we are enhancing our key operations to ensure consistent and positive experience for all our customers, partners, suppliers and employees. Leveraging synergies across our brand enables the delivery of world class iron, steel and other allied products to the global network and our customer’s operations around the world.
We continue to operate in a number of core industries where our clear vision and tested strategy is trusted by our consumers. The strength of our quality products is this strategy which has accelerated our growth, and we look forward to enhanced performance in the coming years.


Shri J.P. Agrawal
An admired leader of the Indian Steel Industry, Shri J.P. Agrawal is amongst the few Indian steel tycoons to have taken the industry to a different level. Aged 64 years, he is the chairman and co-architect of Central India’s largest conglomerate Hira Group. He has toiled from scratch to embed the Hira Group name in the industrial history. His deep knowledge and unparalleled experience about the practical applications of technology has helped in the expansion of the group. Presently, he is the President of the Adjudication Wing of Chhattisgarh Steel Chamber.
He has been awarded with the Danvir Bhamasha Award by the State Government. His relentless efforts towards the upliftment of the society are remarkable.

Shri B.L. Agrawal
An electrical engineer by education, Shri B.L. Agrawal has been with the Hira Group since its inception. Aged 60 years, he has over 3 decades of experience in the cement, steel, power and Ferro alloys industry. He has set up various plants for Hira Group, including cement, Ferro alloys, automatic rolling mills, sponge iron plant, mega power project and steel plants.
His proficiency on the financials as well as the technical field has made him transform a small company into a leading group in India. He has served as the Vice Chairman of Sponge Iron Manufacturers Association (SIMA) and as the ex-chairman of CII, Chhattisgarh in the year 2006-07. Presently, he is the Managing Director of Godawari Power & Ispat Limited. He spends his time involving himself with various social organizations and contributing for a better life of the under privileged.

Shri H.P. Agrawal
A commerce graduate by education, Shri H.P. Agrawal is the master of managing everything single-handedly, everything that falls between planning and execution. With boundless experience in raw material procurement and project execution, he has helped the group stay intact through the thick and thin. Aged 56 years, he has enriched the group with an innovative bent of mind, with which he works towards getting all the policies and ideas implemented. From policy making to final product manufacturing, he has never failed to deliver the best.

Shri N.P. Agrawal
With 25 years of experience in commercial, financial and administrative maturity, Shri N.P. Agrawal has been the guiding light for Hira Group. Aged 54 years, he has been a part of his family, looking after the financial aspects of the group. His knowledge and experience have led to gainful harvests for the Hira Group. Presently, he is the Managing Director of Hira Ferro Alloys Limited. He is a supporter of the Hira Foundation, a charitable company of Hira Group. He has also been the Chairman of CII of Chhattisgarh reign for the 2010-11.

Shri G.P. Agrawal
A mechanical engineer by education, Shri G.P. Agrawal is the active supporter of Hira Group administration. Aged 53 years, he has acquired skill in diverse aspects of Ferro alloys metallurgy and management of the financial aspect of the group. His experience in running an industry as an independent entity as well as his administrative qualities has enabled him to bring a treasure of profits for the group. He is a pillar of strength for the entire organization, and is looked up to because of his deep rooted knowledge and courageous outlook. Presently he is the Managing Director of Alok Ferro Alloys Limited.

Shri Dinesh Agrawal
With 18 years of experience in electrical engineering, Shri Dinesh Agrawal aged 42 years has been a part of the Hira Group since the founding years of the group. He has been associated with all the electrical and technical aspects of the Ferro alloys unit, sponge iron plant, steel rolling mills. He is involved in the day to day technical functioning of setting up new plants of the group companies. It is his technical competence and passion for success in all his work that has taken Hira Group to a higher level. Presently, he is the Director of Godawari Power & Ispat Ltd. He has served as the Chairman of CII YI (Young Indians) in Raipur.

Shri Amit Agrawal
A commerce graduate from Sydenham College of Commerce, Mumbai, Shri Amit Agrawal has been ‘on the toes’ person for the Hira Group. Aged 39 years, he has tremendous knowledge and growing experience in getting things implemented. His is a prize of the organization and his contributions have made the group unmatchable in the steel industry. He is a key element in the growth of the group. He helps converts all ideas and policies into execution with adroitness that has helped the group to reach a new high in the secondary steel market. Presently, he is the Managing Director of Hira Steel Ltd., and is a well know figure for managing marketing in steel industry.

Shri Alok Agrawal

Mr. Alok Agrawal is an Internationally experienced business leader with management education and over 25 years industry experience. He has managed Indian and international work forces, equipped with advanced technical knowledge and expertise in overall business planning. He has been a pioneer in adapting new technology with a vision for future prospect and growth. Mr. Alok Agrawal with a competence for strategic planning, evaluation of new business opportunities and Mergers and acquisitions, he has been handling operations and management of the steel, power (both conventional and Green), mining, chemical, Petro-chemical, textile and real estate division. Apart from heading various divisions he is currently Managing Director of M/s Jagdamba Power and Alloys Limited, M/s Varda Energy & Engineering Pvt. Limited and also other companies of Hira Group of Companies.

Shri Siddharth Agrawal
Being an MBA graduate, Shri Siddharth Agrawal has injected Hira Group with young idea and fresh approaches. Aged 32 years, he develops the group by his young and innovative bent of mind, with which he has been working towards making the group conform to its goals fulfillment. While he was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of GPIL on April 1, 2006, he is presently Managing Director Godawari Green Energy Limited which has commenced 50 MW Solar Thermal Power Plant in the State of Rajasthan under his able leadership and close supervision. His dedicated involvement in management and implementation the projects results into timely completion of the projects.

Shri Abhishek Agrawal
An engineer by education and the youngest son of Shri B.L. Agrawal, the second generation entrepreneur Shri Abhiskek Agrawal works in making Hira Group a leader in the steel industry. Aged 29 years, He is brilliant in management, and understands all dynamics of a project before pushing it forward. He successfully laid foundation and operated the Pellet Plant of GPIL. Being the Executive Director, he exercises complete authority over the operational, functional and purchase activities. His passion for leadership takes Hira Group to new heights.

Shri Vinay Agrawal
Aiming for delivering simply the best, Shri Vinay Agrawal has taken Hira Group to incomparable heights. Aged 28 years, he is an MBA graduate who mastered managerial skill and implemented methodologies that enabled his to overcome all obstacles with utmost accuracy. His expertise in IT sector has helped his and the group in accomplishing the highest. Presently, he is involved in actively administration, execution and controlling the technical aspects of setting up the power projects in the group. He is full of positive energy, and passes on the light through his work and drive.

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