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  waste management  

We are continually looking for new ways to make productive use of the materials generated by our processes. Our group through extensive R & D activities has identified various solid wastes that can be used as productive inputs. The company pursues the policy of three R’s — Recycle, Reduce and Reuse — that minimizes the risk of solid waste contamination. We have been making efforts to come up with advanced technology to reduce the waste and find other uses for it. Our main objective is to transform solid waste into wealth. In order to benefit from it, some start ups taken are:

 Some start ups taken are: 

Fly Ash Brick Plant

Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd. which is ASIA’s largest fly ash brick manufacturing plant. It not only efficiently utilizes solid waste(i.e fly ash) produced during plant operation but also provides economical option for construction activities by manufacturing tiles, concrete and other aggregates.

Slag Utilisation

It is a sort of solid waste, generated from our ferro alloy units and we are efficiently using it in construction of internal roads at our different Industrial works, also supplying to NATIONAL HIGHWAY AUTHORITY (NHA) for road construction thus eventually helping to protect our environment and infrastructural growth.

Utilisation of Mineral Dust

Various Mineral dust like Iron Fines are which can pollute air if released freely in air are efficiently used in pelletisation plant to manufacture sponge iron (DRI).

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