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Manufacturing 0.2 MTPA high quality billets conforming to IS 2830 & 2831.

Diversity enriches any organization and enhances its collective capabilities. Consistency has been a hallmark of our products and We in our Steel Melting Shop convert the dream into reality by producing one of the finest quality of BILEETS in the Industry. This ranges from customized size of 110 x 110 which confirms to BIS standards 2830 & 2831 to the extended range of 200 x 250 thereby any size and composition with ease and balance.

Our Billets are produced out of pellets based sponge Iron resulting significantly positive impact on re-rolling process due to its surface finish and chemical property which holds good at testing parameters. It surpasses any criticality and complexity of the rolling mills with extended competitive edge in such process integration.

Our billets meant for re-rolling of strips, wire, bar, hexagons and profiles, available in variety of sizes.

Product Details

Size/Range (in mm)
Specification Length
m (Ft)
Surface Condition
110 x 110
or as per client requirements
Confirming to IS 2830 and IS 2831 6 meters and 4 meters Free from any surface defects
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