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  Mission And Promises  

Hira has strived for its commitment and promises to all the stakeholders and have valued their effort for making Hira, a globally renowned brand. Hira has always been a front runner in taking all the developmental and social initiatives for its stakeholders including employees, customers, society, investors, promoters, vendors and government bodies. In its long journey of development, Hira has been working towards the inclusive growth for all of its members and associates and takes pride in becoming a contributor in this transformation.

At every step of its journey, Hira has been making promises and is working hard for not only realizing those promises but to surpass the expectations. Its work, policies, projects, businesses, growth, expansion and social contribution are the examples of our adherence and commitment to deliver on its promises. Going forward, Hira will be proactive and dedicated in playing a larger role in the transformation of the nation, society, culture and people.

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