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  Controlling Air Pollution  

The Group believe that with coordinated efforts, it definitely make a difference. At Group, we comply with the International standards in order to achieve maximum clean emission ratio. We follow a procedure of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) for the prevention of Air Pollution. Every aspect of pollution generated due to plant activities is monitored in detail and adequate steps are taken to minimize it. We are rendering latest technical innovations in our operations for reducing atmospheric pollution.

Some of the air pollution measures facilities (unit wise) available at Hira Group are as follows:

 DRI Kilns

Dust Settling Chambers and ESPs (Electrostatic Precipitators) have been installed to control process emissions. Fugitive dust is controlled through multiple point suction hoods attached to bag filters.

 Power Plant

The flue gas from boilers is passed through ESP’s and discharged through stack. The group is complying with ISO 14001 standards for clean emission and dust collected are supplied to brick plant.


The emissions from furnace are drawn in to high capacity dust extraction system, where the particulates are trapped and treated gas is passed through chimney. High Capacity of bag filters are installed so that dust can be utilized by briquette.

 Other fugitive emissions

The fugitive emissions caused through non-process activities such as haul roads and stockyards are managed through good housekeeping practices and best dust suppressing technologies.

 Utilisation of Waste Heat

For maximum utilization (i.e presently recovering 75% of waste heat) of waste heat generated from Sponge Iron Kilns, group is hugely investing in equipments and in other technical up gradation to generate electricity for in-house as well as external use. Hira Group aims to reduce carbon footprints by producing power through waste heat recovery, which is providing competitive edge and aids a benchmark to the power generating community.

The group generates 53 MW power through WHRB route.

Hira Group’s manuvers for “GREEN EARTH” are:

 Plantation Activities

  • Massive Plantation(1 lakh trees) promoted in an around our different work’s premises, public places in different regions.
  • Plantations at different institutions, hospitals around Central India.
  • Planted 1 Million saplings in rural areas to restrict soil erosion.

 Campaigns For Clean Livelihood

  • Organised a campaign for Cleanliness & Sanitation with the help of rural children and “GRAM VIKAS SAMITI”.
  • Spraying water on rural roads for clean environment.


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