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  Relief to Relieve 

Life is precious. Each one wants to live a safe life. The preservation of human life is the ultimate value and the foundation of all morality. It is sacred, valuable cherished and most of all needs to be safeguarded. We try and do everything possible to extricate the people suffering because of natural disasters from the unfavorable situations. We, at Hira Group come together in times of crisis to help those in need. We make all the attempts to help rebuild the disaster stricken communities.

Some relief works in this regard are

  • Financial Aid to Bihar Flood Relief Fund, arranged relief camps, life saving boats, jackets in rescue operations.
  • Financial aid to Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.
  • Financial Support to GUJARAT.
  • Different household articles gifted to newly wedded couples to help them in their new beginning.
  • Helped by providing Diesel Generator sets in Bastar to recover the region from Naxalite Black-out.
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