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  Jagdamba Power & Alloys Limited  


Outcome and Scrutinizer Report of NCLT Convened Meeting



Notice of NCLT Convened Meeting

Located in Murethi, Siltara Industrial Area, Raipur, JPAL was established in March – 2007. It has established  a Coal based Thermal Power Plant having capacity of 25 MW. It exports power to NATIONAL POWER GRID through a dedicated open access.


JPAL is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company and follows all the necessary compliances meticulously.

JPAL an associate company of Godawari Power and Ispat Limited has been installed to fulfill the on-growing demand of power in the country. It is making consistent profits since inception.

JPAL has installed AIR COOLED condensers which are of largest capacity in central India, saving remarkable amount of water and power thus making power generation more viable for the nation. It is using DOLOCHAR, generated in group’s sponge unit to produce power, thus adding more value to its environmental initiatives.

JPAL is a responsible technological leader in power generation since it does so by prioritizing environment safety at the top most level. Company has arranged its neutralizing pit water for various important uses like plantation, housekeeping etc.

It has indulged itself in practices like Zero Discharge of waste and water in order to maintain environmental balance. The company has proposed a 21 MW windmill set up across India by 2010-11. It has integrated the protection of biodiversity into its environment management system in order to sustain eco friendly operations.


 Power Generation  25 MW
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