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  Water – The elixir of Life  

We at Hira Group have optimised our control measures to the point of emitting no discernible discharge to water. To minimise the impact of our process effluents, we have installed a complex range of biological, chemical and physical effluent treatment technologies at our plants.

We strive continuously to improve our treatment capabilities. Our researchers are developing a water foot printing tool, which will ultimately provide a measure of fresh water consumed per tonne of steel product produced. This will allow us to target water saving measures where they are needed the most. Our goal is to conserve and replenish.

 Some of the Initiatives taken by Hira Group in this regard:

  • Various R&D for making water drinkable for nearby communities thus increasing water consumption ratio.
  • Drastically reducing fresh water consumption thereby saving 3.25 Billion Liter/Annum by installing Air Cooled Condensers in different power generating units.The Hira Group is one of the pioneer in its category of reducing fresh water consumption while generating power.
  • Organising various awareness camps in the region to SAVE WATER.


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