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  Environment and Energy  

Environment is a reason for sustaining growth. It should be the duty of every citizen of India to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers and wildlife. It’s a priceless boon. Preserving the environment and its various bounties as well as sustainable management of its resources can help make a phenomenal difference.

We at Hira Group work on the principle that an organization can only grow in a competitive environment when it addresses economic, social and environmental concerns with a focused approach. In order to make our works environment friendly at all levels, we continuously work towards implementing pollution preventive methods and techniques. We are edging closer to our goal of minimal effect on the environment in and around the communities we operate in.

 We have set below strategic priorities to realise our challenging vision:

  • To achieve emission reductions
  • To invest in longer-term breakthrough technologies for producing low carbon steels
  • To develop new products and services that generate lower CO2 emissions through the life cycle
  • To actively engage our entire workforce in this challenge, and
  • To lead by example within the global steel industry.
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