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KORE is a brand of high performance and thermo mechanically treated (TMT) Rebars from HIRA Group. The product line mainly comprises of 500 and higher grades known for its excellent bend-ability, higher strength and longer life. KORE Rebars are BIS certified and are manufactured using advanced state-of-the-art facilities at HIRA Group plants. KORE is one of the leading brands in the country offering the highest quality TMT Rebars to the market at very competitive prices. The quality of KORE Rebars is at par with International standards & superior to most of the Indian brands which is possible due to the completely integrated nature of the steel plants which HIRA Group has established over the last 4 decades.



  • Very close chemistry
  • Lower trump elements like Phosphorous, Sulphur & Lead
  • Lower oxide levels
  • Better grain size in the range of 7/8 nos
  • De-phosphorisation & De-sulphurisation are done through induction furnace & LRF route


  • High corrosion strength and temperature resistance of more than 600⁰ C
  • Higher elongation
  • Earth quake resistance due to higher strength
  • Lower consumption by 10-12%
  • Better bendability  & weldability
  • Automatic fixed size bundling, reduces wastage
  • Ribs are computerized as per BIS
  • ISO 9001, ISO 140001, OHSAS 180001 and BIS certified
  • Ready to use


  • Integrated source of raw materials for making KORE Rebars under the eyes of expert scientists and technocrats with decades of experience and exposure to both Indian & International Industrial standards
  • Higher safety of construction due to high elongation values
  • OTIFIC (On Time In Full Invoice Correctly) Ready
  • Educating industry on the best utilization of KORE in order to reduce wastage, enhance profitability and conserve national resources
  • Customized Cut-To-Length & Cut-To-Bend
  • 24 X 7 ordering and technical support system

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