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  HIRA Group  

Hira Group of companies is a conglomeration of 15 companies across India, with more than 6000 employees under its wing. The Group is having branches across India and expanding its operations around the world. By being driven in providing the customers with effective products and services, Hira Group combines its unparalleled experience in its operations, spread across seven business verticals of Steel, Ferro Alloys, Energy, Mining, Cement, Technology and Real Estate.

The Hira Group  started as a trading business in 1970s and has grown to be an innovator, expanding and adapting with the new technologies to meet the ever changing consumer demands. The Group has a passions for growth, which it believes is the essence of life, and every action by Hira Group is propelled by this hunger of growing through innovation. Hira Group enhanced its Ferro Alloys production capacity by establishing two units Hira Ferro Alloys Ltd. and Alok Ferro Alloys Ltd. thus became one of the key players in Ferro Alloys sector.

Hira Group believes in a unified growth. While they focus on finding creative and cutting edge solutions, they pioneer in making their products and services cost effective. They understand their consumers and economy extremely well, and always tailor their products to suit to the customer’s need and demands. Hira Group is charmed by a satisfied customer base, and they remind themselves of the importance of effective solutions in every project or order that they take. The Group is a dreamer of growth, and though they have come a long way, they believe that they have much more to look forward to; a long journey awaits them.

The Group has always thrived for innovation and growth, and has used this as a mantra for success since its inception. The Group is active in developing the country by returning wealth to the society and serving through philanthropic activities around its different industrial units. Education empowerment, environment enrichment, infrastructure development, spreading and maintaining hygiene, developing sports and recreation and corporate governance are some of the areas Hira Group delivers in. It is believed that all-round growth and development can only lead to inevitable success, and hence Hira Group prioritizes these activities for a holistic growth of the group and the country.

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