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  Healthier Society 

Wellness and wellbeing are the key to a strong society. A healthier and a sharp mind dwell in a healthy body. The rural sector needs more attention in terms of health. A more achievable and a simple health system can ensure good healthcare for the rural people who require such help the most. We support all the programmes that encourage well being of the people. Our intervention in this sphere has helped the poor and the needy who require specialized healthcare. We are and would carry on providing as much support to the downtrodden in terms of medicine and health care.

We at Hira Group have carved some footprints in this direction which have been mentioned below:

Health Camps & Campaigns

Regular and integrated medical camps with super specialist doctors from eminent hospitals have benefited as below:

  • Blood donation Camp: Organized with the help of Red Cross Society, Central India.
  • Free Eyecheckup Camps: Organised various free eye check up camps with the help of District Blindness help society.
  • Other Health Check up Camps: Free health check up camps like Heamoglobin, BDM Test, Diabetes,Lung function etc. have been organized in different communities of both urban and rural society.
  • Pulse Polio Campaigns to contribute India’s mission on polio eradication.

Helping Needy Individuals

  • Helped 1046 Cataract patients by distributing bedsheets, utensils and other needful.
  • Financial aid to patients of chronic disease like Cancer, Kidney Disorders.
  • Donated Tri Cycles to make their life easier.
  • Free medicines to various needy persons in rural areas.

Valuable Sponserships

  • Sponsored Medical Mobile Unit (MMU) Van for Helpage, Central India.
  • Weekly Deployment of doctors and free medicines distribution with MMU Van to promote health awareness in rural.
  • Financial assistance to Gram Panchayat to purchase Ambulance.

First-Aid Center

  • Constructed first-aid health centre and deputed qualified doctors to enhance medical facilities in rural India

Rural Health Awareness Campaigns

  • Organised Nukkad Natak for Nasha Mukti at Mines.
  • Organised Shakti-Diwas with Tribes at Mines.


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