HIRA got a new Group Tagline

Our brand tagline, “Growing Stronger Together” communicates our intent of inclusive growth for all stakeholders. It is the reflection of our achievements, strengths, mission, and our underlying DNA for success, the determination to grow even faster and to be much stronger in the future.


Other than being one of the fastest growing and a leading player in the industry, we don’t just define our growth in terms of increasing our revenues or profits but look forward to creating sustainable growth and wealth for all our stakeholders. We wish to create everlasting benefits for our shareholders, employees, customers, vendors and community, who have always shown their commitment and faith in us. Our aim for sustainable growth is driven by developing new production technologies that utilize natural resources in the most efficient manner, serving the under privileged community and spreading awareness on environment, health & safety.


Making prudent choices has always been the core strength of HIRA. It has given us first mover advantage in several business sectors and the industry as a whole. While we are ambitious to grow bigger, our growth has never compromised on values and processes which have given us long term benefits making this growth stronger and real. We never invest in exciting but intangible opportunities and always ensure that the return on investments is there for everyone to see. We believe in steady but sure growth and achieve it through our seamless execution capabilities. What makes us stronger is our openness to change, acceptance of new systems & processes, and technological advancements, which make us, front-runners in our industry in whatever we do.


One of the underlying factors in realizing stronger growth is our ability to make it inclusive for all our stakeholders, giving a whole new meaning to working together in realizing our objectives. The HIRA family has been growing adding new members, developing new relationships and forming new associations. We work and strive to keep our organization intact, preserve it and pass it on to the future generation of leaders. It gives us immense pride to say that we are thinking together, acting together, living together, working together and GROWING STRONGER TOGETHER.

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